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ORAL Colonial Report

Information on the Colonial Report

The following is a schedule of when the children will be giving their reports:
May 29 - Stacy, Tommy, Kendra, Joshua, Bonnie, Noah and Mikaela
May 30 - Evan Peyton, Parker
May 31- Marie, Zach, Sophia, Jordan, Carina, Roman, Eden
June 1- Spencer, Dinneh, Ryan H, Isabelle, Mason, Ryan S., Jolene
 Information to cover during the colonial report
We are looking forward to hearing each colonial report and learning about the work done by the many craftsmen and colonial people. If your child would like to dress up as the colonial person or bring in any items that the colonial craftsmen used, this would be an interesting addition to the report and will count towards their grade on this report. For example, the silversmith could bring something made of silver, and the wigmaker could bring some wigs. The children will bring the reports back home to study before the presentation so that all words are pronounced correctly. PLEASE BRING THE WRITTEN REPORT BACK ON THE DAY OF YOUR ORAL REPORT. They must also tell in their own words why this colonial person was important to the town. After the oral report is done, each child must ask the class three questions concerning their report. The report will be graded after the presentation.
Please be sure to answer these questions during the report:
1. Why was your person important?
2. What services did your person provide?
3. What kinds of things did your person make or use in the service they provided?
4. How did your person make the items?
5. Did your person use any special tools in their craft?
DO NOT read your report.
You may use note cards to help you remember the main points.
You may dress up like your colonial person (optional)
Visuals, pictures, props are encouraged.
Please also have 3 questions to ask the class after your presentation.

Please see me if you have any other questions