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HCS Room 11


Phonics Charts
Grammar Songs

Memory Verse: Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31 (Please know Friday).



The leaves are yellow, red and brown

A shower sprinkles softly down

The air is fragrant, crisp, and cool

And once again, I'm back at school!

Spelling Lists

Basic List 1
land     stick     plan     trip     stand     act     thing     last     lift     band     grand     swim     stamp     list     sand    
Challenge Words List 1
packet     magnet     grasp     slim     whiskers
Spanish Words
uno - one
dos- two
tres- three
cuatro- four
cinco- five
Basic List 2
crop     test     clock     spent     drop     left     sled     plot     spend     west     block     tent     desk     flock     nest
Challenge List 2
lemon     welcome     necklace     empty     pocket    
Spanish Words
seis- six
siete- seven
ocho- eight
nueve- nine
diez- ten
Basic List 3
lunch     until    cover     buzz     become     stuff     nothing     dull     month     study     love     uncle     cuff     none     under  
Challenge List 3
trunk     bushel     bucket     ugly     sponge 
Spanish Words
once- eleven
doce- twelve
trece- thirteen
catorce- fourteen
quince- fifteen
Basic List 4
proud     boil     loud     house     join     cloud     sound     voice     oil     round     point     south     found     soil     ground 
Challenge List 4
scout     trout     outfit     broil    ointment
Spanish Words
Basic List 5
crew     loose     news     school     drew     knew     smooth     pool     shoot     threw     roof     fool     chew     balloon     choose
Challenge List 5
stew     scoop     kangaroo     mushroom     toadstool